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Um, that headline on the last link, wow.

What a headline.

We're not allowed to bike on the Navy promenade? I've been doing it for the last week without incident, ringing my bell as I slowly ride across that narrow bridge for oncoming foot-or-bike traffic to hear (there has been none).

@Shawn: if you read the signs posted on each end, they do say that bicycling is not allowed.

@Wash: your link about the President being "nearly hit by a cyclist" goes to a Ghost of DC entry about "Office Sprinkle". Is that really the article you intended?

Froggie: read the article.

Follow-up on the weirdness of that lost bike headline:

Lesbian reunited with bike? I mean, I'm a square, but WTF?

I've never slowed down to read the rules on that sign. Bummer. What a waste of a good stretch of trail.

I think the Daily Mail is a British tabloid newspaper/website. Those types of headlines seem to be par for the course. They also have some "interesting" ideas for what is classified as news.


Generert på den tiden uavhengig og inkonsekvent følelse av selvstendighet og inkonsekvenser pekte uredd design.

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