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I love having a rearview mirror. It's a massive advantage, IMHO, both when commuting and on trails where people often pass without warning.

washcycle, we may have discussed this before, but i've forgotten if so: why don't mirrors work for you? Have you ever tried a bar end-mounted or STI lever-mounted mirror?

Interesting that the Gazette's article has far more thorough investigation and reporting that the Post's did.

Is that photo from Prince William County this past week, by chance?

The photo is from Four Mile Run in Glenn Carlyn, (W&OD is at the upper right) from Spring 2011 (I think - I remember it raining a lot last year).

I think the photo was from Wednesday, about 6:30.

I find mirrors distracting rather than helpful. In general, I try not to turn around much. My mantra is that if it's behind me, then I really can't do much about it.

Ah, I didn't realized it had rained quite that much last week, what a difference a few miles makes.

When I saw the Post photo initially, I grimaced about the headphones. But I thought the letter was funny. Mirrors? What next, turn signals? By the way, I did ride with a rear view mirror installed on a tandem for a while, and hated it. Not just distracting, but scary. The cars looked closer and more menacing than they were. And what's the benefit? I can look over my shoulder no problem.

I see people with headphones, talking on the phone, and attempting to text while riding downtown all the time. It's unbelievable.

My other favorite is people that want the "fixie look" and only have a front break with a freewheel. I know that 60% of breaking power comes from the front, but c'mon, you won't look so cool when you can't stop.

I can see getting a mirror if you have neck problems; otherwise, can't you just turn and look?

A mirror is also handy on a recumbent.

oboe, you should try it. Turning takes your eyes off what's in front of you for a lot longer than glancing over at your mirror. Eyes move pretty quick. They're nifty that way. I have an STI-mounted mirror on my road bike and any time i'm without a mirror i am keenly aware of how blind i am to what's going on around me.

Michael Roy, your anecdote reminds me of the peril-sensitive sunglasses from Hitchhiker's Guide... ;^)

What's the benefit of having rear- and side-view mirrors in a car? Can't you just look over your shoulder?

Turn signals--don't need 'em. I have arms.

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