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Better be careful or you'll be the "butt of one...

Wash Blvd bike lane: low hanging fruit. Super wide two lane road. Downhill cyclist speeds of 20+. 30 MPH speed limit.

Cloudy skies last night. I couldn't see the Moon at all. There might be clearer conditions tonight.

From the WaPo article on MCA, early new urbanists: The Beastie Boys don't own a car, though they plan to acquire motorcycles as soon as they're home long enough to acquire anything. For a long while their necessarily preferred mode of urban transit was this: Mike D would ride his bicycle and pull Ad-Rock and MCA, on skateboards, along behind him. "Mike was on this exercise trip," says MCA, "and we said, 'Yo, Mike, if you're going to bother to go to the gym and ride the bogus bicycle, why don't you just ride around and pull us?' It worked better for everybody."

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