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Thanks for posting this!

Any info on when the repairs will be completed? There was no work being done last time I went up the trail (midday Thursday last week).

Washcycle had a post about this about a week ago -- according to public works, it's going to be a year they think, with trail blockages rolling from place to place.

There are quite a few detours on the Anacostia River Trail, too. A street light is being installed in the middle of the sidewalk/ART 'on-ramp' at the base of the 11th Street bridge (north side). For those who miss the sign (I did), there's a detour up 12th street as the route along Water Street from O to M St. is closed off for construction. Leading up the Wetlands Bridge is a bit overgrown with brush (saw a cool snakeskin on the sidewalk, though), and then there's a construction detour through part of the RFK parking lot while, I assume, they build the other bridge. There are signs to walk your bike through this little bit.

Growing pains. My imagination of what it'll all be like when complete makes me think it'll all be worth it eventually.

The RFK detour is for construction of the stormwater overflow tunnels to Blue Plains.

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