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Unfortunately much of it was of the "I'll share the road when cyclists obey the law" variety.

Fortunately, it's not up to them.

You start to wonder after a while if a lot of the Washington Post commenters are interns who have been instructed to try to drum up controversy in an attempt to raise the number of hits on stories to increase their ad revenues. You especially notice that only the most asinine comments tend to be rated as "top comments" by the site editors. Either that or a lot of very cranky retired people read the Post online during the day!

I'd vote that it's mostly just a lot of cranky people who like to complain.

People say this kind of crap so often it doesn't even phase me anymore. Washcycle has made numerous, very well-written responses to this "cyclists break the laws and we (drivers) don't" nonsense that it must be especially trying for him.

We still have some Honest Tea in the office if you want to stop by and redeem that drink token.

Seriously, thanks to everyone who attended BikeFest and congratulations to everyone who walked a way with a great item thanks to our generous donors. We are still unpacking from BikeFest and repacking for BTWD, but will post a full thank you and recap shortly.

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