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There is a pitstop in Greenbelt this year, open at 6:30!!

I'm not sure if that solves my problem, but it's good to know. [To be at work by 8, I need to leave at 6:45, but the kid doesn't get up until 6:15 and I have to get him fed and out the door. The window is just too small.]

Washcycle, I feel you pain. Missed many a BTWD because of kids and work conflicts. Ride by WABA and pick up a shirt anyway.

To be fair, "Person Recovers Own Stolen Bike" is more less of a man bites dog story than "Police help person recover stolen bike."

Fixed that for you.

I have concluded that, in big developments, "pedestrians and cyclists ... share" means "we are going to pretend bicycles don't exist because we can get away with it."

I look forward to the day when they won't be able to get away with this.

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