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The UCI has said in the past that they would not allow the Giro to start in the U.S. because of the travel and jet-lag issues. It's doubtful that this will every happen. Even when Fenty was the mayor, there was only a small chance of it happening.

It's probably better for a U.S. group to start up a one-week Mid-Atlantic race, maybe with stages in PA, MD and VA, with a final stage rolling into DC. The timing would be tricky. They would have to avoid the summer when the European Grand Tours take place. There's also the Tour of California. If any such Mid-Atlantic race overlapped with the other races, there wouldn't be any top names here at all.

Or maybe have a long one-day race like Milan-San Remo. Most of the race can take place on rural roads, which would only need to be closed for a limited amount of time (not the entire day). The finish could be near or in D.C.

A one-day race makes it easier for top pros to fit it into their racing schedule. It wouldn't drain them as much as a multistage race would. So they could still go onto do the Giro or Tour de France that same year.

Not sure how they know anything about his helmet status (it wasn't reported).

Except that in the post that you linked to, you said The bicyclist, who wasn't wearing a helmet, crashed into her and was thrown from his bike, officials said.

Getting hit by a falling tree branch might be a freak accident, but it happens more often than you might think. A child was killed by a falling limb a few years ago in Bethesda. I don't let my kids play in our woodsy yard on really windy days.

But a bigger risk to cyclists might be low hanging branches. Always wear a helmet on rides where this might happen.

People get killed by falling branches on perfectly calm days too, not just windy days. Watch out.

NeilB, you're right. My mistake.

Good reason to remove weak limbs. Off trees, I mean.

Det er et ordtak i Europa: "Ta på et par gode sko, vil det føre folk til å komme til et bedre sted." Må være den beste, den vakreste.

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