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Cap and trade may be a more efficient way to reduce emissions, but it is not the most efficient. A carbon dividend would be much broader based, increase the costs of individuals and businesses that choose not to reduce carbon emissions and provide extra cash for those of us who do.

"the state produced.." does that mean the goverment of Maryland or the total emissions coming from Maryland.

I'm always worried about how they come up with those numbers, since industrial plants and cars dont' have little co2 meters in back. Yes, I know all models are bad but some are useful, but some are really of.

That being said, I think the best argument for bikes is not carbon reduction but gasoline import reduction. And it is in particular the small trips (which aren't showing up in these models) where bikes/walking can make such a huge difference.

I think it means the total emissions coming from Maryland.

I actually think the best argument for bikes is fighting obesity and thus skyrocketing health costs. It should appeal to both parties.

@Washcycle; well, everyone knows fat people vote Republican.

1) Ugh, sea level rise pics are always crap, because sea level rise is not linear.

2) More bike infrastructure is fine and whatever sells it is (mostly) fine, but I'm still skeptical of a win/win here.

3) It's really hard for a small state to take decisive unilateral action as it is much easier for bordering jurisdictions to pick off the marginal cases luring them with a more agreeable regulatory regime.

(which is also to say, it's different than something like Bay runoff prevention, where both the cost and the bennefit is largely borne by Maryland - though there are others involved of course. CO2 emmisions though? Whatever Maryland does over the next 10 years - or 50 years, is going to be dwarfed, and cancelled out, at what China and India do *next* year)

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