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If I had a nickel for every time I was assaulted with a bratwurst, I'd own a awesome road bike.

Re: people will ride too fast on the trail:

Drivers - "Hey arrogant cyclists, get off the road! 17 MPH is too damn slow!"

Pedestrians - "Hey arrogant cyclists, get off the trail! 17 MPH is too damn fast!"

The classic Kids in the Hall short, "Sausages":

@NeilB -- and the driver and the pedestrian are the same person, just in different environments. (Now, if only drivers understood speed limit means UPPER limit unless otherwise stated.)

Don't know what went wrong with the "bike trail allegedly too fast" story. Maybe this link will last longer.

How about property owners concerned about motorists going too fast in their neighborhoods? Somehow that doesn't get the media all excited.

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