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In terms of more bikes, better behavior, right night we're in the uncanny valley. The amount of entirely stupid behavior (two bikeshare girls, riding the wrong way down the Wilson Blvd hill into Rosslyn this evening -- with heavy traffic) is getting incredible.

In the long term, yes, if we start killing stupid people then behavior will improve. Since that isn't really a solution, I think it will get worse. The lack of education -- and the lack of anything resembling a coherent message from WABA besides "arrest the driver" doesn't help.

charlie, the numbers trump your observations.

I witnessed a car taking a right turn from Southbound Washington Street into Prince Street on Monday. Two problems: There is a no turn sign at that intersection and Prince Street is a one-way street Eastbound. You can imagine the excitement on the street until the driver finally figured out what was happening. (Should I go on with more examples "of entirely stupid behavior"?)

"The lack of education -- and the lack of anything resembling a coherent message from [insert your favorite motorized traffic promoter] besides 'get cyclists off the street' doesn't help."

Last night I saw a guy in a car make a right turn on red without stopping in violation of a no-right-turn-on-red sign. These drivers with their obnoxious/selfish/arrogant/"entitlement" attitudes need to get off the road. My general fund tax dollars are subsidizing those roads, so they should be reserved exclusively for me, and these other people should be banned.

charlie, the numbers trump your observations.


Also, if anyone needs proof that drivers and cyclists can both be irresponsible douchebags, all you need to do is ride the Custis on a weekday morning.

That no one has been kiled in a bike-bike or bike-ped collision so far is pretty amazing.

@ charlie FWIW, I think "arrest the driver" is a pretty coherent message. Motor vehicles are the number one killers of children over age 1 and, yet, drivers rarely suffer penalties unless they leave the scene of the "accident."

"Arresting the driver" much more often would be, perhaps, the single most effective thing we could do to reduce the traffic fatalities.

I do get tired of the anti-cyclist sentiment,and motorists are more dangerous IMHO that cyclists, but oboe is right that cyclists are guilty of bad behavior, and we can't just point the finger at drivers. Case in point: bike to work day, a cyclist passes me on the Custis trail on the downhill into Rosslyn where there a blind curve on the left and it is impossible to see whether anyone is coming from the other direction. When I caught him at the light (he did stop for the light sat Oak St.)I said that if anyone had been coming there would have been a head-on collision. I mean, I wouldn't mind if this guy hurt himself, but what about the innocent guy he hits? Betcha he's done the same thing again since our little chat.

I don't think there is anyone arguing that cyclists AREN'T guilty of bad behavior.

I'd print out t-shirts that say "People Are Inconsiderate Jerks" but that seems too obvious.

In any case, I wish WABA and other advocates would spend more time wagging their finger at people who ride dangerously on MUTs than those who jay-bike, etc...

I think cyclist misbehavior on trails is vastly underrated as a source of bad bike PR.

The most dangerous part of my commute to Tysons is not Gallows Road, but the Custis Trail. And that's pretty sad.

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