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In all of my time cycling, I have yet to see a single DC MPD Officer in the cycletrack lanes. If they did, then they would be spending a ton of time fining motorists running red lights, cutting off people, and otherwise doing assenine things like blocking the box. (And yes, they would nab a few cyclists for running reds too).

I have seen an officer on bike patrol a few times in upper Ward 4 and once near Brookland. So it's true that they do have bike officers, but downtown, no chance. Now the Secret Service agents do ride bikes and do use the cycletracks on occassion, but they're generally courteous and they don't write tickets.

While I appreciate MPD bike officers' ability to patrol for street crime and such, I question their effectiveness for traffic enforcement. I mean, other than flagging you down, there is little they can do to compel someone to pull over and it's not like they have much ability to chase down a car who doesn't comply.

Now, if they were equipped HD GoPros and could use those sort of like red light cams, then I think they could be awesome. The officer would just note the time of the offense, then go through footage of their ride to the timestamp, pull screenshots with license plates, and send tickets. May be somewhat time consuming, but if they focused on only certain types of infractions (#stoputurnsonpenn), it wouldn't be too bad.

MM, they can call other officers in cars if someone decides to go Dukes of Hazard on them.

For those of us not keen on Rhode Island Ave, the Met Branch/Monroe/Newton/18th Street/Varnum Street route to Maryland and connections to the NW and NE Branch trails is a good option in my opinion. Sometimes dubbed the "flat" route by locals. (Actually "flatter than some of the alternatives" would be more apt.)


You are a genius. Get Mayor Wells on this immediately.


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