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Ahh Copenhagen... as I'd debated on Twitter earlier this week: personally I find the city to be spectacularly bike-friendly, but was surprised to find it quite lacking on the pedestrian end. 1m sidewalks alongside 3-4m bikeways, sidewalks blocked by blocked by bikes, and multitudes of vehicles driving and bicyclists riding in the ped-only zones.

Aside from the bike stealing incident, that crime report reads like a compendium of phone thefts. The solution seems easy. Send 20 plain clothed cops out tomorrow with iphones in their hands walking a few blocks from each of the crime locations. Gurantee you get 5 arrests.

Clicking through the links on the Danish bike "superhighway," I love it, but it's not a physically distinct zone all the way through. In the video near the top of this story, starting around the 4:00 mark, you'll see what I mean. Naturally when it gets into a city things will get more complex, but parts of it are a pretty narrow lane more or less marked off on the side of the street.

To be pedantic, Frank Schlek voluntarily withdrew, he wasn't "kicked off."

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