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but Maryland Avenue is in SW, not SE.

One more new CaBi station installed yesterday in Ballston (11th and Utah).

It appears that there are 3 more planned in DC in the coming weeks (before the 49 in the fall), about 3-5 more in Rosslyn-Ballston, and the 8 in Alexandria also sometime soon.

Next expansions are at least a few months off. (Haven't heard anything lately about Rockville, but I hope that any delays there or with other CaBi installs are not due to supply problems -- NYC and soon Chicago impacts will require a huge ramp-up from BiXi/Public Bike System in terms of production capacity.

... and ideally from CT Ave. to Jones Mill Road/Rock Creek Trail. + with links on the campuses of NIH and Walter Reed, and a trail from CCT to Jones Bridge Road on the edge of the HOward Hughes Medical campus.

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