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5th St NW, right? Not NE. Always enjoyed biking in/around Howard east of Georgia.

Right Fixed it.

One of my old commuting routes! It's actually a pleasant way to go from SS/Takoma Park to the Union Station area.

Nice people, too. Someone always stopped to offer help when I had a mechanical.

I was heading to N Cap from Irving, wondering how to negotiate that whirl of an intersection, and was happily guided by the (fairly) new striping and helpful bike lane.

Unless there's more to the cross-hatched area that I'm not seeing, this is just a regular bike lane that turns, not a buffered bike lane. The purpose of a buffered bike lane (like a cycletrack) is to keep constant separation between drivers and cyclists for safety or comfort reasons. The buffer here seems to be just a gore area like you might see between splitting travel lanes. Moreover, it is not buffered from all the travel lanes, just from the through lanes.

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