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I did my first social ride last week...it also happened to be my last social ride. Put enough jackasses in a group ride, and the group collectively will ride like a jackass. That is all.

Didn't happen to be a BicycleSpace ride did it?


you mean a BicycleSpace ride themed on some aspect of Hawaiian culture that ended on an island that may or may not be in the Anacostia river? Nope, no idea why you'd guess that....

Seriously though, I don't mean this as a knock on shops that do social rides, as it is a great way to encourage some of the casual cyclists to get out and ride in the city. But it kinda seemed like Critical Mass meets Hawaiian shirt day and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Lucky guess? No, I was on the ride too. Unfortunately there are a handful of folks really put off by the ride leader's style. I have a few friends who won't do their group rides any more because they feel unsafe. They also won't speak up because it really is a good local bike shop & member of the community in every other sense. I hope the owners/managers see this and take it to heart.

This is Jordan, General Manager of BicycleSPACE. Our shop hosts large rides because we hope it will build bike culture in the city. We aim to provide a great experience for participants and hope that having so many bikers on the streets signals to onlookers how fun it can be to ride a bike. However, organizing an event such as our recent Luau Ride and Party, for which over 500 people signed up, is no small feat. And, though there are many challenges to moving so many people through the city, we put a great deal of effort into planning these events so that they can be as safe and enjoyable as possible for all involved. Generally, the overwhelming reaction has seemed positive.

MM and ontarioroader…I regret to learn that you and friends have had concerns about our group rides. It is clear that you were put off by your experience. I appreciate that you have “spoken up” as I am troubled to hear that some folks might not want to. Ultimately, I'd be very grateful to get some detailed input and use it to help make our rides better. If you would kindly email me a message (Jordan@bicyclespacedc.com), I will be eager to learn more about your feelings and impressions from the ride. I will make this request for feedback in our next store newsletter as well to invite others to let us know their thoughts.

Thank you for joining us on our ride. I do hope you might soon want to join us again as we work to improve!

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