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Somebody managed to get a Bikeshare bike up to 20-25mph?? :)

...when another cyclist slammed into him from behind at about 20 to 25 mph... The guy who caused the accident was ... riding a red rental bike,

It was either a good sprint or the bottom of a hill... but I think it is feasible.

"The guy who caused the accident was a classic fair-weather biker who had no shirt or helmet..."

Yes, because if he had been wearing a shirt and helmet, there's no way this could've happened...

It would have been nice to give a location for the crash, but who in journalism really ascribes to the 5 w's these days?

Who bikes without a shirt?

Please put one on--for our sake.

The Examiner - trying to rip off "Overheard in DC" from DCist and as usual, completely useless.

Were they proposing putting a bike lane on the Dulles Toll Road or something? Joke of an "avid cyclist" if he's opposed to putting on some cycletracks on those roads. I'm going to call myself an avid sport fisherman and then say I think all fishing should cease in the Potomac because people could fall into the river. Oh my!

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