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I wish you a rapid and painless recovery.

I was excited when I clicked the floating bicyclist. For some insane reason, I pictured those stupid duck boats as a bike and I was thinking of how this could help a commute.

The Phoenix Bike folks are good people, just the hours are tough to get to unless you have lunchtime free on a Saturday. Down the road Velocity (I think) in Del Ray are also great and it's all about teaching you to fix your own bike there with a little expert guidance and tools to borrow.

Unfortunately, AA County is being disingenuous about the motives of the Two Rivers development. It is no longer a 55+ community. In fact, they are holding community meetings to persuade the locals to accept a new elementary school to make the development rights more appealing.

It seems that if the development terms are back on the table, the trail agreement should be as well.

Now is the time to negotiate -- not after the developers get the variances they want.

Creating more congestion (as a school will certainly do) more than justifies having a direct bicycle route for transportation rather than one designed to accommodate a few well placed property owners.

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