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It's sweet how liberals treat the people EOTR as if they're intellectually handicapped and morally and technologically retarded...

They don't want bikes.

What they want is someone to explain how and why the DC jail is filled with 99 percent black men; out of a DC population of black men of around 130,000 between ages 10 and 60; and why one-third of those jailed are in for "drug" "crimes." (3553 are in DC jail; over 9000 on probation; 6171 on parole...you do the math. I call this economic apartheid.)

EOTR they don't care about bikes. Or the arts. Or formal education (which has failed -- them as it has the suburbs, if inclusive participatory democracy and economic justice is the measure. Over a 50 percent drop out rate...although I take this a victory for cognitive plasticity and the innate impulse against oppression when confronted with blatant indoctrination).

Social guilt from white dominated-groups like WABA or LAB or CABI shouldn't drive their policies...

WABA's St. Elizabeths East Bike Carnival fits into a larger effort to change the demographics of biking in DC. In addition, WABA's hired an East of the River Program Manager, BicycleSpace has a weekly Hills of Anacostia Ride and CaBi "mailed 35,000 residents in wards 7 and 8 a $25 discount to the program."

Waba chose to be for the "commuter", that being for the commuter is openly admitted to by the founder. A euphemism for white yuppie. I tried to join in the 70's when it was founded. They did not want non whites now today sure they would take my money give me a membership. I having self respect would never take part in such.

"WABA's hired an East of the River Program Manager". Separate but equal. NCVC , Potomac Pedal Pushers and they are better for cycling then WABA they accept people with out regard to race or class. WABA's arrogant racist outlook has done more harm then good they are the ones who make bike advocacy

look like a white people first , white people as missionary to the uneducated kind of thing. To hell with WABA. The bike routes were here before them and will be here when they are gone NCVC was raceing on weekends in Rock Creek park, the mount Vernon route was a friendly place before these pan handlers who upon seeing a way to grab some bucks by pandering to the "we are better then those roadies those messengers etc." came to town.


That said, there's still the problem of geography east of the river. The same geography that makes it a great place for a circle of forts defending downtown makes it much tougher for casual medium length (3-6 mile) bike rides than L'Enfant city.

Arlington has some of the same issues, and solved it by 1) simply muscling up one of the inclines (Custis trail in Rosslyn) 2) using a gap in the ridge for an east west path (W&OD) and 3) not really solving it - a) the last of those forts is actually still there in Arlington smack dab in the middle of the main east /west axis b) the Arlington side of Chain bridge is essentially impassable without 'land portage' c) the other gap by Colombia Pike is finally, finally, (eventually) going to have a path.

Plus the ridge line on the Arlington side of the river goes to flatter and higher land than the ridge on the east side on the Anacostia, which plunges back down to Oxon run. But that said, SE DC doesn't use what gaps in relief that do exist (like Oxon run or Pope Branch) as well as Northern Virginia does for bike infracture. (but then again, none of those were old railroad right of ways)

What does WABA have to do with incarceration rates in D.C.? And why is education a bad thing? People are better off by dropping out of the system? Really?

And what does any of that have to do with cycling or WABA?

As for Northern Virginia bike routes, there's also the Mt. Vernon Trail, which is mostly flat. Unfortunately, a public riverfront bike trail wouldn't be possible in SE DC because of the presence of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Perhaps one day, those facilities could be moved to Andrews or another nearby base and that land opened for civilian use (recreational, residential, business).

EOTR they don't care about bikes. Or the arts. Or formal education

Well, I don't know which group you represent - not liberals you claim - but how exactly are YOU treating people EOTR? That's a pretty condescending - and demonstrably false - statement. Pretty racist too, to be frank. Why don't you go to an ANC meeting EOTR and tell everyone they don't care about the arts or formal education. Let's see how that goes over.

I wonder how many floating bike roundabouts could've been built with the money used to build just one mile of the ICC or the HOT lanes on 495...

http://www.railwayage.com has been hacked and is redirecting to a hacker site. Please de-link it.

Foo, not when I click on it.

The Biker joins a culture of his/her own. It is a clear statement that one Rejects much of what is "American Culture" ,if there is such a thing, as it stands today. When I get out on my bike it is a move toward freedom. For many years people dreamed of haveing a tool that would give them the freedom to travel,to escape the crowd i.e. dropout under their own power. Bike culture as I have known it has been and hopefully shall ever be dropouts ,race is what we do bikers, is who we are.

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