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Racers are fast, not necessarily anything more.

I read an account of that crash, written by another cyclist who was there and crawled under the bus to reach the victim. The details have been deleted and don't bear repeating, but it coincides with my second worst fear as I pedal through life with inexperienced cyclists all around me.

The portable lesson is not to pass on the inside of large vehicles. It sounds like it was a classic right-hook type of thing (left-hook because it's UK). Enlightened riding is the only thing that would have changed this outcome.

The portable lesson is not to pass on the inside of large vehicles.

+1. I avoid even geting up alongside any large vehicle when its moving. Many times a bus in the right lane will suddenly come over to avoid a parked car.

In moving traffic I will stay behind any large vehicle and only pass when it is stopped.

P.S. - Often times I will come across large vehicles (commonly garbage trucks) in the process of executing a 3 point turn. The appropriate thing to do is to stop and let the driver do his thing without hampering him. It staggers my mind how many cyclists will dash to and fro into the driver's blind spot to get around the truck without waiting.

Another take on Wiggo's comments here.

My favorite line from the piece: Someone will be bound to leave a comment here saying, “A helmet saved my life.”

Someone else will be bound to write, “When you are dragged for ten feet under a London bus, a bike helmet won’t save you.”

I just saved you both the trouble. You’re welcome.

Perhaps something like this should become standard disclaimer on all your helmet-related posts, Washcycle. ;-)

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