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Mr. Rymer demonstrates that major problem we face is not evil drivers, but rather general ignorance.

Of course, this begs the question that if riding the wrong way on bike paths is bad, why do we have two-way cycletracks?

"The 50 States & 13 Colonies Rides are on the calendar for Sept 22 and registration ends Aug 22."

Note - registration has not as of yet opened

What's really dangerous is riding facing traffic in a bike lane AT THE SAME TIME other riders are riding with traffic.

Twice this week while biking the correct way, I have faced oncoming riders on the G Street bike lane where there's been no choice but to quickly swerve out into traffic to avoid a head-on collision.

Mr. Rymer's pursuit of Rule #2 can quickly and easily violate Rule #1 if another cyclist is using the lane with traffic. Someone is going to be forced into traffic.

#1 Do no harm
#2 Do not get harmed
#3 Laws of physice trumps laws of man

I forgot, I would say there is a big difference between using a facility in the way that it was designed and using it in a way in which it was not designed. And most 2-way cycletracks that I've seen have been separated from traffic, which makes them technically different as well.

From the pedestrian side of things: it's not as intuitive to check for wrong-way cyclists when stepping into the road. Been clipped a few times that way (including once by a guy who hit & ran... literally; he left his bike behind).

More two-way tracks please. Riding against traffic from within a one-way bike lane is a chronic condition on the D street NE and 13th Street NE bike lanes - just for instance. Particularly loathsome because the bikeshare station location on D practically begs it for riders headed toward Union Station.

When I have to salmon on one way streets in DC for my convenience, I use my car: It's much safer.

Per the web site: "Registration ... will open the week of August 22nd." So it starts on the 22nd, not ends.

I've never seen any evidence that walking facing traffic is safer for pedestrians. My understanding is that it is encouraged for the convenience of motorists: the presumption is that pedestrians will yield to vehicles, and by facing traffic it's easier to judge when you need to yield.

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