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That guy's so clever he made a handle for his bike,but couldn't figure out that having his models carry the bikes by the drive side makes them look goofy?

Carrying your bikes cross-style is free,jus sayin.

Carrying cross-style is free, carrying with a handle made from random nylon webbing is nearly free and might be more comfortable...I'll be trying it out (if I remember when I find some webbing around the house).

The Bike Snob NYC summed up how silly and unnecessary it is. I love the picture of the person carrying the bike with the chain wheel rubbing into their clothes.

The bus-bike-only lanes on 7th Street might be more effective if there was MPD enforcement, although I have heard that the signs went up on 7th, at least, without any zoning/laws on the books, so they're technically unenforceable.

I'm not sure if that's true, but if so, I hope that's a hurdle that DDOT would jump through before trying bus-bike lanes on H or I.

IIRC,the bike/bus lanes weren't originally enforceable,but the council put through a change that made them legit. Thought there was a posting on here about it,but can't find it with the search function. Can you find the posting Wash?

There is, but I can't find it here. But the MPD says they do enforce it...

I call 85%. Since over 85% of the vehicles using the lane are neither busses nor cyclists the law does not apply and should be changed.

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