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I love how the WashTimes blames wasteful spending on "liberal" pet projects, when the "bridge to nowhere" was a GOP thing.

Suggestion for the Bike The Vote folks. Their section about "Show Me" is incomplete. Politicians will go to openings of anything: races, rides, stores, transportation initiatives, graduations or whatever. Folks should be encouraged to offer the official the chance to participate in the ride to any extent possible (especially opening one) and you should ALWAYS have a bike, helmet, etc that they can borrow. If you make it easy, they will come. More importantly, as they ride, go alongside them explaining the value of say a sign or a cycletrack and talking only about your issue, if you segway into other issues then you run the gammit of finding disagreement. And maybe, I lied, most importantly, don't only pick folks you agree with to invite--invite them all and make them an ally. The more, the merrier.

WABA is upset? Who and what leads that organizationi?..

the Met Branch Trail will not happen in my lifetime.

we cant even get nps to fix the trail that already exists:

"Thanks for you inquiries regarding the Rock Creek Park Multi-Use Trail Rehabilitation Project. At this point, DDOT, working with NPS and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), plans to resurface, widen the trail where environmentally feasible; modify some trail alignments and road crossings; install directional and interpretive signage; and install connections to and from the trails to other pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

FHWA, NPS, and DDOT released the Environmental Assessment (EA) in November 2011. We are currently working to address all of the comments we received on the EA and complete a 30% design. At this time, we do not have a timeframe for construction because we have to complete the EA and full design before we can proceed to construction.

Rock Creek Park Multi-Use Trail is owned by NPS, who is responsible for maintenance. I am not aware of the last time NPS repaved the entire trail; however, I am aware that they have conducted spot repair/maintenance throughout the years. As part of the rehabilitation project, we, DDOT, will perform the necessary construction work as is outlined in the EA. Our standard procedure for trail construction follows American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities.

Thanks again for you comment. It will be part of the Administrative Record for the project EA

Best regards,
Austina Casey

Environmental Policy Analyst

I like riding the multi-use route in Rock Creek Park called "Beach Drive." The little path on the side is fine for joggers, dog walkers and strollers.


...There was a time when infrastructure wasn't so partisan. Well, for what it's worth: this here conservative supports those fanatical extreme far-left liberal socialist transportation modes that give us all choice and freedom.

Something I threw together back when the transpobill was in debate, but still relevant: http://farmoderate.blogspot.com/2012/02/conservatives-argument-for-transit.html

re The Examiner, I am looking forward to a followup story about the other psychosis, evil dog parks, so my head can just get on with it and explode

The new CaBi station helps take some of the sting out of the loss of Olsson's.

Bossi: They fight about infrastructure because they can. I just completed an extended cross country trip with my kids, and the eldest two found any reason to fight. Of course, they are 7 and 4.5, not our supposed elected leaders, but you get the idea.


Absolutely- logic & rationality has long-since left politics behind. I just try and remain one small voice amongst the cacophony.

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