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How often does Metro enforce the "dirty" bikes ban?

I have had metro employees tell me that my folding bike had to be in a bag on several occasions. I carried a trash bag along with me for just this reason. The new rule will make things much easier, though.

I am so happy to hear this. I was once refused entry because of this (at Friendship Heights by a station manager) and 3 times detained and threatened to be banned in the future and have my bike confiscated (at Anacostia, by the "metro police" when they were visiting) because of this bag rule. I admit I was breaking the rule, but it was truly a stupid hassling rule and I had taken thousands of other trips without a bag.

Great, maybe this will help clueless station managers (like the one at Dunn Loring who recently yelled to me "No bike helmets allowed at rush hour") learn the policy!

@Tim:"I admit I was breaking the rule, but..."

Sorry,you where breaking the rules. And I never thought they were stupid. For a Brompton,yes,they fold their chains into the center of the bike where it can't do any harm. But Dahons/clones wear their chains on the outside where it could easily rub on someone during the rush hour crush.

FYI,I also think there should be rules for strollers and large luggage just like bikes. IE,end doors only,and a limit of how many.

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