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I met Mr. Meyers a couple years ago and he recounted the same conversation.

HOWEVER, the point he made is the original idea was to do the organization/ initiative for DC, with Dan Burden, but when they met, they figured it would have more impact if it was focused nationally.

I though the list was OK. Helmets, meh.

The biggest pet peeve right now is why bikers go into the crosswalk to cross a road, instead of going straight. I'm seeing that behavior with bike lanes. very very annoying, but doesn't apply to car-bikes.

And of course the biggest problem with cars: timid drivers who don't want to pass you and hover 5 feet behind you.

I found the video of the Georgetown Branch of the CCT peaceful, too. Kind of illustrates how lightly it's used, or, rather, unused. I'd be the last to argue that the current configuration has no value. But when the need is so great, the alternatives so unpalatable and the number of people the current configuration benefits is so small it's really passed the point of being responsible to oppose it on these grounds. I'd also note that the beautiful shots from thetrail down the Rock Creek Valley will be identical after the Purple Line goes in.

Seems like the parking under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is overkill. There are scores of parking spaces that are rarely used. The good news is that this makes an excellent place to learn how to ride a bike, even when it rains. I have already seen several parents hanging out while their little one rides in circles.

The big question for Bcycle systems, can I ride from Boulder to Denver and have the system accept or otherwise handle a bike from another system? Part of me thinks "YES! That would be an awesome challenge", but then I think about how the operations guys would handle it, and it would be a giant mess.

The G'town Branch trail is very lightly used compared with the section on the other side of Bethesda. That said, the other side of Bethesda is one of the(the most?) most heavily used trails in Maryland, so its not a fair comparison.

Also, the G'town branch trail also suffers from very poor maintenance, lack of connection to Silver Spring, poor marking, and occasional crime. Even so, I see more and more use of the trail these days.

True, the Lyttonsville end of the trail is a disgrace. And the crossing at Connecticut is a real impediment to users.

With more money (which isn't coming), one could make the trail surface better. I suspect you'd never get the funds for either really connecting to Silver Spring or to a separated-grade crossing at Connecticut in the absence of the Purple Line. Even the separated-grade crossing of Colesville needs the Purple Line, and without that you can't get real trail connectivity between SS, Chevy Chase and Bethesda.

Arguing that we need to save a railbanked trail from the prospect of light rail is like arguing to save kudzu from some oak trees.

[And isn't consistent risk-taking worse than inconsistent risk-taking?]

Semi-serious answer, no. If I know someone is always going to push the limits when I see them (in whatever conveyance they or I are using) I can and will adjust accordingly. That's harder when behavior is totally random and unpredictable.

Fed Agencies & CABI - unfortunately, one barrier to CABI membership is station placement. When a station is multiple blocks from a 1000 employee office building, its hard to get the membership too interested. Maybe CABI could be willing to tie station placement considerations with corporate membership.

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