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I always thought the carrying case requirement was a pretty big deterrent, so this might be functionally like lifting a ban for the many caseless folder riders.

MSM doesnt know what to do: a bike story that doesnt fit into pre-prepared narratives.

FWIW, I was bad last week, and got on the Metro with my bike even though I knew I would be exiting after 7am. Since I was reverse commuting (going to City of Fairfax), I thought I could get away with it.

The station manager/people didn't hassle me, just handed me the Metro & Bikes brochure and said I should read it.

Anyway, you know it says that foldling bikes have to be in carry bags, but I don't imagine that's actually enforced.

@Richard Layman: Does that brochure clarify the matter that leads you to say you were "bad"?

There is a certain ambiguity in that closing times often refer to that last time you can enter rather than the time by which you must exit.

And as you point out, if one is able to get onto a train that crosses the Anacostia river before 7PM or 4PM, it scarecly matters to the system whether you get of at Anacostia, RFK, or Ft Totten at 1 minute before the hour or take the train to the end of the line.

I'm pretty sure I've exited the system at 7:10 or so many times and just assumed that this was ok. But maybe they have a 10-minute grace period for when you exit.

Typo: Above I meant 7:00 AM

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