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Not sure how I feel about this. Yes, drivers should be held accountable. But at the same time, general purpose cycling on roads is *not* particularly dangerous. Having an ad campaign to convince folks that it is seems counter-productive.

Also, I know that the times I'm most likely to fuck up and make a mistake while riding are those times I'm operating at the threshold of my abilities--if you're at hour five of a very hard effort, you do things you wouldn't do while fresh. Your decision-making is impacted.

That's one of the reasons that while folks who train very hard have more time on the bike, they also have more accidents per mile.

I like it. When you have these pro bikers (e.g. one of only 16 americans) showing you their many and nasty scars, it rebuts the idea that inexperienced cyclists are the problem. These guys and gals are concerned for real reasons, and merely ask for consideration, and better facilities.

Its also not angry, self righteous or smug, just an honest plea to get along for everyone's safety.

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