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The unmarked detour isn't bad. Take Alt Route 1 (wide lanes) and Decatur Street (narrow but decent bike lanes). It they're not working, it's also possible to just walk or go slow through the construction zone.

On a happier note, as of Friday, it looked like they had put down asphalt on at least part of the section between Decatur Street and Riverdale Road.

In other news: on Thursday I saw crews working on clearing trees and debris on the Silver Spring end of the Georgetown Branch Trail. It looks like they graded the surface too (hard to tell at night on the return trip)

Would SHA ever close a major road without providing a marked detour route?

Of course not.

The fact that they haven't here (or for the closure north of this point, for that matter) is a slap in the face.

"Screw you, cyclists. You don't matter. At all."

And now I'm glad I didn't end up riding NEBT this weekend.

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