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Yeah, I can't even fathom why DC isn't on the list of best cycling cities. Even an amazing city like Vancouver, which almost certainly deserves its spot, is only marginally better than DC. Because of the influx of money from the Olympics and a history of being progressive (like most shitty-weathered Pacific coast cities seem to be...), it has gotten some new scenic trails and the government has been more willing to experiment with bike lanes and cycletracks, but the amount of on-street infrastructure might actually be less than what DC has. It also has mandatory helmet laws and no bikeshare.

I can see cycling as a convenient way to get around NYC or Chicago, but I can't imagine it being very enjoyable, particularly in an "Outside Magazine" kind of way...In DC, it's both.

"The Assembly?" Sounds like an evil cabal bent on world domination that James Bond is sent to infiltrate and stop their nefarious plans.

They meet at a secret location - called the Meadows - and it's members include Ted Turner, Donald Trump and Colonel Sanders. How I hate him with his beady little eyes "oh you're going to love my chicken..."

I'm glad about the L st track. However:

1. DC should move to free weekend/evening parking on the right side

2. Bike lane was NOT a good idea from 26th to New Hampshire. That is now a real mess.

3. It is going to be interesting to see how well the left turns and bike lanes work.

The Assembly sounds like a name for a spiked-hair 80s New Wave band.

I'm not sure I agree with DC being better then NYC. A few points:
* Trails with limited road crossings.
* Parks closed to traffic with circular route.
* ~100 miles of car lanes converted to buffered bike lanes or cycle tracks.

While some of this sounds more recreational then transportational but my assertion is kids and grownups need places to get their bike legs before venturing off in bicycling transportation mode.

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