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Yes, someone threw down hundreds of tacks near the top of one of the hilly stages at the Tour de France this year, just as the riders began a long descent. Many of the cyclists were affected, including some top riders like Cadel Evans.

I think Evans had to stop multiple times because of flat tires in just a matter of minutes.

People who do this sort of thing are cowardly wannabe thugs. I hope they are caught and punished for this.

Great. I just signed up for Hyattsville CX as my first ever attempt at 'cross. I hope race organizers got everything - and I hope they get the perp(s). It's bad enough that I have to worry about my inaugural race in cold and rain, I don't want to have to worry about some ding-dong spreading glass on the course, too.

you people are so pathetic: at the Tour the motivation for the tacks was overtly political.
here in the good ol usa the motivation is the stupidity of the underclass, as they have been shaped by a managerial class that overlooks their needs and exploiuts them...the dc and MoCo county jails are filled with such folks...recall neitszche : man would rather will nothing than not will (in other words, our species will mkae menaing, period. if the condtions dont allow for constructive engagement they then destructive expression is just fine...)

The return of "satan". Great. There haven't been many personal insults on the blog lately.

I think if you're quoting Nietzche--and unless you're a tenured professor of philosophy at a place like Princeton or Heidelberg--we can safely assume you are either a 14 year old virgin or the beloved character "Otto" from "A Fish Called Wanda".

satan or "friedrich n." or whatever he calls himself/herself always seems to think that political ideology somehow justifies violent or potentially violent or totalitarian acts. Last year, he was seriously demanding that people needed to go to "re-education" camps, to be taught the "correct" ideology and way of thinking (correct according to "satan"). He wasn't even joking about it either. Now he's justifying tacks because those criminals had some sort of political motivation. Yikes!

Or maybe he thinks European criminals are somehow more sophisticated than American criminals because... they are European?

@Michael H - at least it's an ethos.

European criminals wear smoking jackets and have exotic pets. Don't you watch any bond movies?

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