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I got a traffic ticket in Crystal City this morning while riding CaBi! $161 for crossing on the walk signal while not being within the cross-walk...from a motorcycle cop no less.

I wonder what Lemunyon will say when the $1.4 billion HOT lanes (the construction of which caused MASSIVE congestion for 4.5 years) aren't the magical traffic panacea he must think they'll be. I don't think any data shows that widening roads has a significant, long-term impact on congestion, and I doubt the HOT lanes have increased property values along the Beltway. Meanwhile, the $250 million Pike project will spur development and investment in the area, increase property values by hundreds of millions of dollars, and attract car-free and car-light households, reducing congestion and all the other negative externalities associated with it.

Yup, them Arlington liberals don't have a clue!

I used to commute through Fort Totten in pre-MBT days. It's got some wicked hills you have to traverse going North-South. Avoiding those is highly desireable.

Walking to a bus stop isn't really walking to school.

Mole: Its a start. I've seen parents who drive kids to the bus stop. If school is 8 miles away, I don't expect anyone to walk. Making them walk .5 miles to the bus stop is another thing.

I'm just saying it's not fair to blame that accident on walk to school day, as some have tried to do (not here).

"We can't let kids walk to school or they'll get hit by cars! Aaaaah!"

Like that.

A while back there was a study that showed that half of the kids hit by cars on their way to school were hit by people driving their kids to school. I think roads near schools should be re-engineered to lower both road speed and road capacity. If driving to school is a pain in the --s, people won't do it.

A tagline in WaPo today read "Police seek D.C. Office of Aging burglars". Can a D.C. Office of Aging bicycle scofflaws be far behind?

My sister drives her daughter 2 blocks to the bus stop :(


Seems to me to be over zealous enforcement. Wonder how many tickets that cops writes on motorists that fail to stop before the stop line?

We live about 6 houses from my son's elem. school. The biggest hazard in our neighborhood is parents dropping kids off.

Seems to me to be over zealous enforcement. Wonder how many tickets that cops writes on motorists that fail to stop before the stop line?

Totally different situation. Rolling into the crosswalk with a 4500 lb vehicle is normal behavior that normal people engage in. A reckless bicycling scofflaw crossing the street with the signal, but outside the crosswalk is engaging in reckless scofflaw -type behavior, and must be stopped.

Regional mobility is code for sprawl facilitation.

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