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Love the gotcha questions. Its sad that these are considered "gotch"

I wish we had Parliament Question time like the UK and Australia, where the leaders and the loyal oppositon get to be asked all of these uncomfortable truths and have to reply in the open.

The rail line continues down to the waterfront though to those warehouses just south of Pendleton. Are we sure enough about our post peak oil future that the Alexandria waterfront will never be used for cargo activity again?

(I can't remember if the waterfront plan takes out these warehouses or the ones further down (or both). If so nevermind)

But anyway the grounds of the plant itself make a better path to get back up to Slater's Lane than the rail bed (which crosses in the middle of the parkway at an angle, then back across Slater's at another angle until looping back behind Buzzes and the dog park). And I think that is the plan anyway, to put a path through whatever redevelopment goes there. It was in the strawman provided by that gas company at least.

"The objective of this benchmark investigation was to provide scientific validation for an educational "Children's Bicycle Helmet Campaign"...by providing precise and quantifiable measurements of the protection afforded by bicycle helmets."

"The authors report no potential conflict of interest because no funding was received from any helmet manufacturer and no author has a business or professional affiliation with any entity related to the bicycle industry."

They measured just how badly a kids' skull could be crushed without a helmet. Not much more to be said about that.

mole, but if you go into an experiment hoping for an outcome it can change the results. It's the reason we do double-blind experiments.

Good point Washcycle. Even if they do not work for a helmet manufacturer,
people have interests in protecting their turf and previous positions. Why would a bureaucrat go out on a limb and challenge the consensus that helmets are necessary.

Neil DeGrassi Tyson said that the problem is not what you don't know, but what you think you know.

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