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Route conditions:
1. This morning the CCT was a mess inside the DC line, with multiple downed trees, according to CCT coalition website

2. RCP this evening was open from G'town all the way to the police station, but closed after that.

3. 16th St is fine for cars, but if you ride on the sidewalk there is a lot of debris

4. K St in G'town expected to flood Tuesday night.

Do you mean "Water Street" in Georgetown?

CCT was passable with caution, for those willing to get a bit muddy and to lift bikes over downed trees. One spot near River Road had a tree leaning over the trail and resting on the power lines on the other side.

It's Water Street west of Wisconsin, but K Street east, and they are probably equally likely to flood (though one of them has a more appropriate name for it)!

Yes Water Street and K Street.

I was just informed that the peak flooding will be less bad tonight than originally predicted, so there might not be flooded.

For all those getting muddy: remember that sewage has been dumped into the rivers with the storm, and so the "mud" you see might be a little more nasty than usual.

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