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The accident stats remind me that I desperately need a new talisman. I knew my fossilized walrus penis bone had lost its mojo last year when I broke 4 bones in the space of 3 months. Now I'm down to my last medallion personally blessed by Mother Teresa.

There's an Italian doctor who claims he can take care of it, but I dunno. Maybe a length of dreadlocks from an old but healthy bicycle courier?

Most of those gifts were goofy and/or silly expensive. I really wish people would stop buying those 'hipster cysts'(the Bookman lights) and get real lights. Yes,you'll look like a Fred with those light mounts on your bike,but at least people will see you.

The stats also suffer from reporting bias. In the past I would not have bothered to report a minor incident, but now would do so to ensure that I can get coverage for any hidden injuries that manifest later, and to promote traffic safety.

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