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And the 2012 award for whining goes..... to the cyclists interviewed about the chain bridge crossing. Really?!?!? You have a separated protected wide bike path crossing the bridge, with almost no congestion. You have to deal with one nasty intersection but otherwise its clear and safe. Try crossing Key Bridge during rush hour. Or maybe the Roosevelt. Both hell. The Memorial Bridge is great, but the ends - the GW and the Lincoln Circle are both forms of cyclist roulette. Chain Bridge is one of the best, protected crossings of the river that on one end has dedicated bike trails and on the other has a nasty intersection but then a bike route into Arlington.

Oh, sorry, I missed the part about these being *McLean* riders. Wait, someone from McLean rides a bike?

Stanford: Have you tried doing that crossing? The bridge itself is nice, but the connections on both sides are challenging and dangerous. Yes, sucky infrastructure is better than none at all, but it's still sucky.

If we can fix it, then we should. Even if that means there are still other bad segments for biking elsewhere, one fewer counts as progress.


I cross that bridge everyday and was interviewed for the article. I wasn't quoted but was included with the many cyclists.

Yes, Key Bridge and Memorial Bridge crossings are problematic. That however, does not make the Chain Bridge Crossing any less tricky.

What if the article said that "even though there may be some issues with the crossing, the cyclists don't mind. If fact they grateful for sidewalk across the bridge and rather enjoy scooting between parked cars to climb the hiking path up the hill."

Would that gain your respect.

The Bethesda tunnel proposal looks interesting. Too bad that the Purple Line may never get built. I don't see where the state is going to get funding for it.

It's unfortunate because the D.C. region badly needs better east-west transit connections. The Purple Line would help in MD. Hopefully someday, Metro can build a Beltway Metro line, or at least a direct connection between Bethesda or White Flint and Tysons.

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