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Re the NY lawyer pulling the cyclist off the bike: The cyclist is an assistant prof at Wesleyan. "Assistant" here means working towards tenure. The blogger, Staci, makes a snide comment about one of the complaints in the civil suit regarding the delay of tenure. At most colleges and universities, there is a literal tenure "clock," where asst. profs have six years to publish enough, teach enough, and serve on enough committees (and it's usually the "publish" part that's hardest to achieve) to prove they deserve tenure. This clock can be paused when cause is shown (and a severe concussion and other injuries could qualify), but that does have a significant impact on future earnings (one more year at asst. salary, etc.).

The blogger in the lawyer yanks the chain lock rider post needs to keep her smirks in her backpack like a normal person would.

The raptors like it here. Several winters ago a Cooper's Hawk made a lunchtime landing in our backyard with a fresh squirrel in its grip. Might as well have been my miniature Dachsund, I am sure the bird did not care either way.

The deer that routinely graze across Mass Ave. from the Veep's residence have become shockingly bold. You can ride to practically within touching distance and they won't budge.

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