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"Trail diet", maybe?

I'm dreaming wistfully of the kind of two-wheeled mode share that would require a twenty-foot-wide trail, and the kind of government buy-in that would make it happen.

My wish list:

- Widen the Mt. Vernon Trail, especially between the 14th St. Bridge and Old Town
- Widen and improve the bike/ped path from the 14th St. Bridge in DC, leading to E. Basin Dr. and the Jefferson Memorial

There are other items, but these two are at the top of my personal list.

2000 people per day is a lower volume than we see on local trails like the W&OD or Custis. I think the main difference is that they were starting with a much larger right of way--the Washington & Old Dominion railroad was never the size of the Great Northern. If you look at the google imagery it appears that there may have been as many as 6 tracks along that line, and parts of the trail run through what appears to have been a switching yard.

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