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Well bike lanes are part of "the man['s]" ultimate "the plan" to disenfranchise "chocolate city" (otherwise known as "gentrification").

Courtland is such a joke. The guy hates anyone who isn't Black AND poor or whom believes in not viewing people by their race. Don't get him started on poor Hispanics or poor Whites. Or, worse, poor mixed couples. The guy is a racist and represents the worst of DC.

"you're basically riding on the broken dreams of the city's underclass

Is that why it's so choppy around RI Ave? Now I know. (*1/2 battle achievement unlocked*)

BTW, did that ANC person with the sign 'vote for me and this [the 15th street track] will be repaved' wind up getting elected?

That's not how you separate a bike facility--those are decorative bollards rather than something to actually stop traffic. I guarantee that the ones you see in front of all the federal buildings don't break off when you hit them with a car. If they don't want to put in real bollards for some reason, they'd be better off with a jersey wall than those things.

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