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-- except for those that need to get to work before 10a and can't leave work before 4p but still have to be home before 7p.

H/T to whomever is running "Who's Blocking the L Street Bike Lane Today?" I may submit a photo or two next time I see folks. S/he seems to have the Golden Triangle area down pat, but I always see folks blocking it between CT Avenue all the way down to near Chinatown. Will work on an update.

Footnote, what are folks alternatives for McDonnell's plan? I mean realistic ones. I don't like his plan, but I keep seeing people espousing other plans that really don't get at the problem of an antiquated gas tax system.

T, what's wrong with a) raising the gasoline tax or b) imposing a VMT?

Alternatives to McDonnell plan.

- Cut spending on new roads (after all VMT has been falling nationwide for several years).

- Modest gas tax increase (VA gas taxes are lower than nearby states, so oil companies are not likely to pass the entire tax increase on to the consumer).

- Gas tax increase offset by lower income taxes (this would shift the road-burden towards the drivers). Like the McDonnell plan this would be confusing enough to allow lawmakers to slip in a net revenue increase. And maybe slip in indexing of the gas tax to inflation.

The second two ideas above are ones I've seen proposed elsewhere.

WC, coupl of things for raising tax including vehicle efficiency, more mass transit, and mindful of Laffer curve so folks don't drive across the borders to buy it (same think working against his plan on driving across borders).

I think the VMT is probably the most fair variation, but then you're effectively GPS tracking everyone. I don't think society would approve of that in part because the courts have ruled such records are discoverable in court (ie, the EZPass divorce ordeals).

I don't really have an answer. Just curious what else is out there.

My own preference is that every freeway becomes a privately owned toll road.

(I would also prefer to have a date with Amy Adams over Anne Hathaway, which is to say, I'm willing to accept alternatives)

T, I don't see any of those problems with the gas tax as deal breakers. Very few people can or will drive across the border to buy gas (is it even cheaper in other states), more mass transit isn't really a problem and vehicle efficiency is the REASON for raising the tax - in a sense vehicle efficiency has been creating a tax cut for drivers, so raising it just removes that tax break.

You can, however, use a VMT without GPS or with GPS, but without being able to tie the mileage to a certain car. That's actually not that hard.

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