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Tom Vanderbilt has been taken. Scott Kubly was the principal person, among many principal people, involved in bringing bikeshare to DC. Yet he goes unmentioned. Meanwhile, Paul, who had no official role until Arlington brought him in late in 2010 to help site CaBi stations, is credited with being the driving force for the region's bikesharing. This version of history is deeply at odds with logic.

How would a private individual have such deep knowledge of an in-development contract for bus shelters, and be in a position of influence to make it happen? Second, were DC officials so oblivious to the effusive press that Paris and Lyon were receiving in transpo and planning circles starting in '04/'05 that they would need Paul to tell them all about it in '06?

But w, wasn't Kubley at WMATA in 2006?

Um, tip o' the hat, Mr. C? :)

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