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sick. pathological. a fucking FANTASY of a few cars zipping along, rather than show it as it will be: angry motorists jammed together at a standstill. trash from the apartheid population strewn everywhere. no one walking or talking or visiting shops and parks...no one except the cars...funneling into a CITY where they will again be at a standstill...or blowing through a ghetto those of means will ever stop in...
it is simply unfuckingbelievable that this could be offered as a positive vision of an "improved" infrastructure project!!! that the "representatives" of the "people" wouldnt just laugh at loud at the insult this represents!!!

can i get the soundtrack, too? sick...pathological.

by the way, and necessarily related to this idiotic video fantasy....when will the rock creek trail be repaved? or the CCT? or 14th street bike lane, which is falling apart? when DDOT? when bike ped DC guy? when WABA?...

silence. testament to their incompetence.

americans are morons...

Is that you, satan?

I'm not crazy about the traffic circles at the ends of this bridge. We've got one of those in Virginia at the Memorial Bridge where it enters Arlington Cemetery. Basically, it is "Carousel Death Ride 2000" at rush hour. Good luck if you're unfortunate to be traveling this at rush hour - on bike or in car.

I'm with Dan. This looks like the circles on either side of the memorial bridge--I expect similar problems. In particular, because drivers will always see a smoothly-curved roadway, they will not slow down, making those crosswalks into death zones for anyone who tries to use them and crash zones for any driver who stops for a pedestrian.

At least they didn't hire snipers.

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