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The Rehoboth fatality is another example of a cyclist hit from behind, something I've been told is statistically "very rare." Not rare enough.

I also don't understand how "involuntary manslaughter" comes into play given the number of people killed by automobiles every year. Unless of course he was forced to drive that car at gunpoint or something.

A standard downtown CaBi bike corral on weekdays would be a great idea. I hope they can work this out.

Maybe not "everything" you might want to know. On my ride home today from Arlington there was a big lightboard sign noting that the Mt. Vernon trail would be closed on the 21st from 5am to 7pm (I think it was 7pm, it could have been am but fairly certain it was pm). Guessing this is inauguration related. Here's a Bike Arlington forum thread about it:


Forum and Twitter post says 5pm, but I swear the sign says 7pm.

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