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While I certainly agree that the placement of the crosswalk and the fast turning traffic at Bethesda Avenue makes the CCT crossing dangerous, this condition existed much as it is now before the Lot 31 construction began. This CCT crossing will remain dangerous until the intersection is reworked to address the problem of turning traffic.

On bike fatality data:

what about the cyclist who was killed on Columbia Pike in Fairfax?

The Bethesda Ave. crossing is now the most dangerous part of my 5 mile DC->MD & back . I think it considerably more dangerous now especially for the inexperienced. Part of the problem is caused by obscured sight lines for drivers whether making the right from Woodmont or heading west on Bethesda from east of Woodmont: due to barriers & parked cars one can't easily see those about to cross. Made worse no doubt by the traffic slowness which means drivers are sprinting at the light toget in line and wait and doing so where those sight lines are less than ideal.

Oh yeah, that one got overlooked.

Its funny, but the opponents of higher tolls call pay for use socialism, but expect it to come out of general revenue: the very definition of socialism. The current fees are insanely low. In the past, you would have paid a much larger fee (adjusted for cost of living). Overseas, you would expect to pay much much more.

well, that's a depressing epitaph

For me, tolling is a type of user fee and not a tax. Its a pay to use system that rightly assess a fee for those who choose to use the facility. People generally have a choice to pay for the use or not.

So then the gas tax is actually a user fee no?

Actually I would agrue that yes, the Gas tax is a hybrid user fee. I am for an increase since I choose to bike commute and use my vehicle as little as possible. It should be a pay to play system.

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