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I've never dealt with those flea market guys directly,but I've had two of their bikes come into my clinic with brake issues. One was bad equipment,the other improper setup. I wouldn't have sold either bike in the state they did.

Hope these were just anomalies and they're running a tighter ship now that they have a proper shop.


I really doubt bikes from these guys were sold in poor condition. Larry's a bike guy, through and through. Knows what he's doing.

One had the wrong wheels(older steel without proper brake tracks on a late '90s MTB),the other had the levers set for short pull with V brakes. Neither stopped the bikes,they would just slow them. A quick test ride was all that was needed for the issue to show up.

I've no reason to believe the folks were lying about where they got them,and neither had done anything to their bike after purchase.

Humans aren't perfect,and I've always seen more than one person working the market,so it's possible someone other than Larry worked on them and that he doesn't check on every single bike. If you know Larry,then you might just want to give him a heads up. I've seen screwed up stuff come from some of the shops around here as well,and have always told folks to talk to the managers about what was wrong.

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