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That's great with the SS response. Hopefully they take the mindful of running red lights addendum for the entire WH area (it's sometimes a problem at Vermont/H and 15th & Penn too). Also, am I the only one who thinks it would be wise for their bicycle agents to have at least one operating light on their bikes? I noticed the other day that they have zero blinkies and no front lights. Since I'm paranoid about cars hitting me, I can't imagine they've lucked out from that so far. (And isn't it DC law??)

re: trees. Somehow I wish that tree planting was the express job of our convicted council members. e.g. 5 years, spending hours outside, rain or shine, getting their hands dirty, serving regular folks instead of riding in a fully loaded SUV.

Thanks for the update on the bridge. I have been wondering what was hold it up.

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