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I can only speak for MD, but having state DOTs control the suburban streets has worked out very poorly. They still operate on a place-to-place highway mentality, even though so many of the state routes are now through dense suburbs. The slum of the future is the suburb that didn't adapt its traffic highway sewers into pleasant, complete streets and boulevards for people, not just drive-through traffic.

Heck, the cyclists should be glad that MPD didn't cite them for one of the various made-up offenses they've used in the past. Like the biking without a helmet one issued to the CaBi rider after he was hit by a truck last February.

Ray Lahood was on Diane Rehm for a full hour this morning. I missed almost all of it because I was in a meeting, but I hope to download the podcast. Just a heads up to those who might be interested. I assume he talked a fair amount about bikes...

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