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Nicely done.

Love it. Your last paragraph is a classic!

Totally agree w/ 7. Love the last paragraph. It captures perfectly what started running through my head when I saw that this letter complaining about DC was from a woman in Crownsville.

Tip to anyone living thirty miles away from their job and complaining about the time it takes to commute: Want a shorter commute? Don't live thirty miles from your job! Simple enough.

Said the letter writer from Crownsville: "and many cyclists still refuse to obey traffic laws such as stop signs and red lights."

Unlike the operators of motor vehicles, who ALWAYS come to a complete stop at stop signs, NEVER go through a red light and obey ALL traffic laws All the time (including speed limits).

One of my nerdy habits is to note the duration of red lights, which is easy now that a lot of intersections have countdown timers for pedestrians.

A full minute for a red is very rare. More typical would be 30 seconds. A surprising number are in the 10-20 second range, which hardly seems worth it.

Interesting that someone who works as a PR aide for a public health organization is so vociferously opposed to bike lanes:




Love her hypocrisy... "cyclists break the law! BTW, when I was speeding the other day, that ticket was way too expensive."

Masterful response as always by wash_cycle

I read the letter in the WaPo today, and it gave me a smile - "cyclists are scofflaws, and my speeding ticket (36 in a 25 zone - wow!) was too high"

Courtland Milloy, is that you??

Crownsville is way the bleep out in central Anne Arundel County! To complain about commute times when you live more than 30 miles away is beyond lame. Like everybody in between just needs to move out of your way or something? Right.

Did anyone post a reply on the W. Post site? I would except my browser is acting up and not letting me see that page.

Wash,you should copy and paste your entire reply to the Wapo comments section. Or e-mail it to the writer.

So here's what I wonder: The Post seems to have an unusual fondness for these types of letters, and they're always just really dumb.

So I wonder: is there someone in the letters department who thinks this way? Or do they just get so many letters kvetching about traffic that they feel obligated to run one occasionally -- and this is one of the good ones?

contrarian, i think you left out the third possibility (and the one i prefer): someone in the letters department runs them as demonstrations of how *not* to be, and trusts that there are readers with the capacity for critical thought.

They run idiotic or confrontation provoking letters to troll for more hits on their website mostly.

I think Greenbelt nailed it. This drives plenty of traffic.

Yeah, well, cynicism is easy.

"printing" a Letter to the Editor online is easy and almost free. They printed it on paper, too.

Two things:
1: I don't think fighting snarky with snarky wins any people to the bike movement regardless of merit.

2: I do the opposite commute of this lady everyday and drive L St from Georgetown to 50 in max 15 minutes. Coming home is much worse, not because of bike lanes (there aren't any), but because traffic is bad at 7 everywhere. That's not DC's fault.

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