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I used to do the same thing as a 14 year old kid working at the local grocery store in suburban Chicago in 1976. This was how I cashed my checks.

I've totally done this. During 50 States, at the Eastern Market stop I realized I didn't have cash for my favorite pretzels (the guy who sets up in front of the the pool entrance), so I rode through the drive-through ATM at 6th/C SE, since there isn't a walk-up machine.

Those pretzels are probably what I miss most about the Hill...

whenever i try to do this at the bank of america in college park they tell me i'm not allowed and call the security guards. it makes me mad.

I've biked up to 'drive-through' tellers several times over the years with no problems. Even walked up to my own bank 'drive-through' a few times with no fuss when their indoor counters have closed. I always feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that I don't need a car to use a 'drive-through' (although I realize that is essentially why they exist). However, I'm usually careful not to cue on bike/foot when there's a line of cars waiting.

To jw, I'd complain to the manager (and perhaps go above) of that bank in college park. That is totally insane!

I can see how using the drive thru via bike would be so much faster/easier than parking, locking, removing anything that can be stolen, etc.

In Lancaster, PA you often see the Amish on buggies using the drive thrus.

I've done this to a couple Capitol One locations. They never batted an eye. I've even gone through the McDonald's drive-through once.

I've done this on a bike too. Just to p*ss off Lon Anderson.

Done this frequently at Burke and Herbert!

I also use my drive-thru bank and RiteAid pharmacy. If anyone ever gave me crap, they would hear from me.

Speaking of which, I went to a dr in Arlington last week and was shocked that there was no bike rock or signposts - only trees and lots of cars. Inappropriate I suppose, but my surgeon got an earful.

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