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CapitalBikeshare could step up to fill the void. Do something like a one-day Winter Challenge but instead of rewarding the rider with the most trips as winner, make each trip an entry into a drawing for fabulous prizes. I have long wanted to do a CaBi tour of the city--something like this could push me over the fence.

WABA Blog says ihttp://www.waba.org/blog/2013/03/no-bike-dc-ride-for-2013/t's cancelled:

Let's try that link again:


predictable. any time the bicycle challenges the status quo, the bike loses.

weve only had the low hanging fruit of bike infrastructure so far in DC....and its unclear if or when continued improvements will occur. look at london's announcement. once again the USDA is a follower, not a leader...

we have NO route through NW DC; we have no place where the bike has been privileged...or, for that matter, the bus, or pedestrians.

the changes to adams morgan; sherman street; and now, U street...are pathetic. so much more could have been done to make those places people friendly.

in short, it's simple and DC doesnt get it: it's car or people quality of life -- take your pick.

Way to disappoint my eleven year old grandson you heartless bureaucrats. I'd wax more libertarian but if I went too far down that road I might have to disavow roads entirely as another government over reach.

lucifer, there is no question of "if". DDOT is committed to finishing the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, the M Street Cycltrack, South Capitol Street Trail, Oxon Run trails etc... And when, for some of these at least, are well known as well. It's true that change is coming slowly, but not true that it has stopped altogether.

I'd be up for a Critical Mass ride right up the f---ing parkway!

We can call ourselves "Road Monsters" after the recent LTTE

The "We don't need no stinkin' permits" ride

We can forget the parkway, and just ride on the regular streets. The numbers should make a point

I agree with Mr. Cycle. Call it a first amendment event and they would have a difficult time stopping it. I believe that WABA did something similar way back in the day when permits for a ride on the GW parkway were denied due to pressure from some western senator.

A reminder of Bike DC 2012 -- 1000s of people enjoying the public commons without fear being run over by 2000lb death machines, at least for a year hours.


My 10 year old daughter will be really disappointed, but she is all set for Bike NY. I'm sure a lot of people worked really hard to try to make it happen this year. We need to hear the full story. What really happened?

NPS also helped to kill off (permanently) the Washington DC Triathlon, after changing the rules in response to the event. (The guideline that only one open-road triathlon between the Cherry Blossom Festival and autumn was only put into place AFTER WDC Triathlon started.)

I don't know the details with the Bike DC situation, but I don't give NPS the benefit of the doubt after their behavior in the WDC Triathlon case.

@lucifer (aka Michael Ross?) -- bring your tandem out to Proteus on Sunday at noon. You will receive instructions...

I think it's time we passed a federal pooper-scooper law. Park Police ride around the Tidal Basin and the National Mall on horses, without cleaning up after them. One horse can leave an "obstacle" that covers nearly the entire sidewalk.

There should be some kind of protest about the failure to provide permits.

I'm not sure how the finances work and I could be mistaken, but I am under the impression the DC Triathlons are more money making businesses while Bike DC was less about making money and more about promoting biking. Its loss sucks. I'd trade the remaining Tri for Bike DC in a heartbeat and I've done the tri ad Bike DC several times.

I don't think it has anything to do with the nonprofit status or not. The rules seem to be arbitrary since there shouldn't be much of a distinction, as far as NPS is concerned, among triathlons, community bike rides, marathons and similar events.

All of these events take place early on a weekend morning.

For the WDC Tri, the NPS came up with a story about the race interfering with Father's Day at the new MLK Memorial in West Potomac Park, even though there were no special events scheduled at the memorial for that day.

I don't know what their reason is for denying the Bike DC permit. It shouldn't be related to the Nation's Triathlon, which brings in a lot of money to the D.C. region. (FYI, More people travel to D.C. for a prominent race than for a local community bike ride.) Could be an activist Congressman behind it all, imposing his/her will on the D.C. region. Perhaps we'll never know. Very mysterious, especially since this is a democracy and this isn't exactly an issue of national security.

I would definitely do a CM designed to get NPS's attention. Also, note that the Ride of Silence is May 15, leaving from Hains Point at 7 p.m.

Agree that the bicycle advocacy community should protest this.

Call it the U.S. Army BikeDC and I bet there would be no problems.

This is really unfortunate. I did my first Bike DC event about 15 years ago when I was living in the city and getting back into cycling. At the event I met someone who encouraged me to sign up for the AIDS Ride and so many positive things happened to my life after that experience.

I really hope the event can be done again in 2014 because it is a great hub for promoting cycling in the region.

TheWashCycle: BikeDC is victim of Permit Fatigue www.lionscamphorizon.org/weight/ http://www.lionscamphorizon.org/weight/

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