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Donating bikes is great. Enabling lower income users who may not have the finances to buy lights or maintain their bikes to use bikeshare, a system of well maintained bikes with built in lights, is better.

If you look around at the bike racks in older garden apt complexes in NoVa (the sort mainly inhabited by hispanic immigrants) you see swarms of bikes fitted in in any way possible. The notion that biking is something for lycra clad yuppies and hipsters is difficult to credit for anyone who lives in NoVa, and has their eyes open.

That said, outreach to them on lights, helmets, and safe riding, would be great.

Does WABA or any other local bicycle group do Spanish language outreach on safety and maintenance issues? I know efforts to distribute lights are being made but this area begs for attention.

+1 on the need to get more people to use bike lights at night. I pass by too many cyclists, Hispanic and non-Hispanic, who dress in all dark colors and ride without lights at night. Some of these people appear to be Hispanic immigrants.

But many of them are clearly not Hispanic and appear to be either college students or upper-middle-class professionals. It's not just the immigrants who are riding at night without lights.

@SBG - WABA and Bike Arlington both do some, but not enough. I invite anyone who wants to help change that to get in touch with WABA's education staff.

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