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Oh, come ON. That trail needs many things. Those bollards are not among them.

I haven't ridden there in forever - have they fixed the trail through the underpass yet?

Those bollards are very useful for snagging panniers

Just think of how many complete idiot evil doers they will stop!!!

Man, how the hell do you defeat those?

Cordless Sawsall...

@DaveS - not as of a few weeks ago.

Maybe they could go with just one bollard, so its clear you should not drive a car on the trail, but seriously, who signed off on the three bollards? That's comical.

Why don't they put bollards in the grass too, so that errant drivers don't try to drive around the bollards on the trail?

Greenbelt, judging from the tracks in the grass, you might be on to something there.

whoever approved this is a dullard

Those bollards will probably have to be removed. Do they let a Burley trailer through? Montgomery County had to remove two bollards that a trailer wouldn't fit between.

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